Dedicated to working collaboratively with long-term care facilities
  • We partner with Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, Assisted Living, and Independent Living facilities. Here Clinicians collaborate with facility staff/ consultants, including but not limited to physicians, social workers, psychologists, nursing staff, and residents’ families to provide expert care to any resident requiring psychiatric help.
  • Our Clinicians are able to assist in facilitating in-patient psychiatric admission when there is a need, given the availability of beds and residents meeting the criteria for an inpatient stay.
  • Our Clinicians conduct routine Gradual Dose Reduction (GDR), AIMS, for patients on antipsychotic/psychoactive medications and individualize care for best outcomes according to CMS/standard guidelines.
  • Our Clinicians document care utilizing our practice software and the same is transmitted via a secure platform to your facility representative or dedicated staff for filing.
  • Our Clinicians are able to do telehealth or visit in-person at your facility to provide services as desired.

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